"Constructed Realities" Series

At first glance these seemingly realistic images are actually constructed photographs. As an artist, I’m more like an illustrator in that I create visual representations of ideas. I begin each series by drawing inspiration from the everyday world around me that I can in some way transform. I then create sketches for the ideas that I wish to construct. The final images are created on the computer. These assemblages are composites made using several images. I use Google Earth to locate scenes as well as my phone to capture scenes as notes for possible images to use in my work. I work in the medium of photography, as opposed to drawing or painting, as I like to play with reality and photographic truth. I attempt to create mysterious, humorous, and poetic images that cause the viewer to do a double take. I am interested in creating surreal images to make the viewer think about and question their reality. Not everything is what it seems to be.