“Animated Objects” Series

This series is comprised of photographs and ceramic sculptures of ordinary and insignificant objects found on the street, i.e. hydrants, cones, pipes, and mailboxes. While the photographs act as a portrait of these objects, the sculptures show the object in a transformed and imagined state of an animated and anthropomorphic creature. These objects are metaphors for those who hide within shells and are afraid of coming out or revealing oneself.

 “Blending In” Series

These photographs of figures and plants were taken in a house where the walls were covered by smoke from a fire. Oval and rectangular marks were left on the walls where mirrors and pictures once hung.  I then painted parts of my own body as well as plants to have them transform and blend in to the background. Metaphorically, the work shows how we camouflage ourselves to blend in and to be accepted by others.

 “Suburbia” Series

In this series of photographs, I was drawn to taking pictures of ordinary and everyday scenes and objects that seemed odd or askew. I photographed these scenes in a direct and straightforward manner of things that I found in my environment that were already staged and set up. Devoid of people, these photographs portray humanity in an abstract and metaphoric way.